John Oliver has shared what we should REALLY ban after Labor Day

Leave it to funny man John Oliver to knock some sense into America. The Last Week Tonight host has a few thoughts on the silly rule about not wearing white after Labor Day.

Basically, the only “white” fashion rule we should follow is to never wear white to a wedding.

So don’t store all of your cute pearl colored jeans and white dress just yet. The HBO host is telling it like it is and he wants you to do whatever the heck you want whenever the heck you want to, kind of.


Actually, the British comic wants us to ban the Labor Day fashion rule as well as a few other holiday habits. In true Oliver fashion, he doesn’t just want these frivolous things briefly gone, he wants them banned forever.

“There are some things that after this Labor Day we should stop doing, and then never do again,” the host said in a segment posted online.

He keeps it fairly simple about why we should stop doing certain things.

“For instance, let’s stop saying ‘that’s interesting’ when we mean ‘that is not interesting.’”


Oliver recommends saying, “Bless you,” after someone has told you an incredibly boring story. We’ll be sure to use that next time. But seriously, the host is confused as to why we keep holiday decorations longer than needed.

“For instance, we should have a rule that after Thanksgiving, you have to stop decorating your home with gourds.”


The host joked, “Also, no drinking eggnog after December 31st because if you start your calendar year by consuming a beverage with the density and nutritional benefits of molten steel, scrap the rest of your resolutions.”

So far we agree with everything Mr. Oliver has said. But we’re still wearing white after Labor Day, John, just try and stop us!

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