You need to hear John Oliver’s razor-sharp take on Canada’s election

The Canadian election sure snuck up on all of us. With results wrapping up after 7PM EDT, the election is set to determine the leader of our neighbor upstairs for an unfixed amount of time. Stephen Harper, the current Prime Minister, has held the position since 2006. That’s why this election is such a big deal and, of course, John Oliver has some thoughts.

Last night’s Last Week Tonight dissected the election, specifically, Harper. In charge for almost ten years, Harper has done a lot of not-so-awesome things. I’ll let John Oliver explain:

That’s not all. Harper has also put into place some problematic laws, what Oliver calls “pandering to Islamaphobes.” And when it comes to the election, Oliver points out a particularly alarming fact: Canada actually has a law that prohibits outsiders from telling Canadians how to vote, punishable with a $5,000 fine and up to six months in prison. Oliver’s response? “I guess what you’re saying, then, Canada, is do you want to dance?”

We shall certainly see.

In the following fifteen minutes, Oliver does what he does best: he deep-dives into a topic many Americans don’t know about but should, illuminating corruption and absurdity, all without missing a beat to crack a perfect joke. See for yourself.


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