John Oliver just perfectly broke down the controversy over abortion laws

You know when John Oliver has a segment on a topic for his HBO show Last Week Tonight, he means business. This time, it was abortion laws, specifically, the tangled web of state rules and regulations regarding this simple medical procedure that is not only counterproductive but can also ruin women’s lives.

In this segment, he speaks directly to the 78% of us who, in some way, believe abortion should be legal. While abortion may currently be “legal,” it certainly isn’t easy, and every day, more and more laws are put into place that create caveats that clinics have to adhere to, and hoops that women have to jump through, just to have the right to be in charge of their own bodies.

The host addresses things like the closure of vital abortion clinics, requirements like forced ultrasounds, and the downright lies doctors are forced to tell before they’re allowed to perform the procedure, if they are even able to at all.

This long hard look at something that should be an undeniable right is as chilling as it is inspiring. As John says, if this information scares us, then we have to make sure we pay close attention to these issues, especially important upcoming court cases, and spread awareness of just how unfair these laws actually are.