Love John Mulaney’s SNL lobster sketch? You’ll love its backstory even more

The April 14th episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by John Mulaney, featured some very noteworthy moments. Fan favorites included an amazing cold open with Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller as Robert Mueller and Michael Cohen that riffed on their famous Meet The Parents lie detector scene. But one of the most laugh-out-loud funny moments was the SNL lobster skit, which was equal parts strange and hilarious. While some viewers weren’t sure what to think about it, others loved it. If you’re one of the fans who loved the sketch, then you’re definitely going to love the story behind the idea as well.

The lobster sketch, titled “Diner Lobster,” began with SNL stars Pete Davidson and Chris Redd sitting at a diner together as friends with Mulaney as their waiter. When Mulaney took their order, Davidson ordered the lobster. After a heated debate on why no one should order lobster at a diner, ever (honestly, relatable), Kenan Thompson came out dressed as a lobster in a water tank.

It didn’t stop there: Thompson went into an emotional rendition of the Jean Valjean song “Who Am I?” and the SNL lobster skit quickly turned into a musical number about why the lobster didn’t want to die. It was basically a mix of Les Misérables and Saturday Night Live, which isn’t exactly a sentence we ever thought we would write! Even the cast was amused, as most of them were clearly trying to hold back giggles throughout the sketch. We see you, Pete Davidson.

Watch the SNL lobster sit below.

“Diner Lobster” kind of seemed to come out of nowhere.

But apparently, it has a pretty long history. As Mulaney explained on Instagram, “Diner Lobster” was something he created with Colin Jost back in 2010. It never went anywhere until last night’s episode.

This was clearly something Mulaney wanted to do for a while, and SNL seemed thrilled with the way it went. They even posted this photo on Instagram, which is strangely adorable.

Twitter absolutely loved it too.

It’s pretty cool that this was something Mulaney has been trying to make for about eight years now and was finally able to pull off. It’s all about dedication!

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