You aren’t hearing things — John Mulaney’s name *was* mispronounced on Saturday Night Live

Well, this is awkward… After working as a writer on the long-running NBC sketch comedy series for five years and making a short cameo just weeks ago, John Mulaney returned to studio 8H over the weekend to host Saturday Night Live for the first time. The former SNL writer, who is partly responsible for two of Bill Hader’s iconic characters, Herb Welch and Stefon, has since made a name for himself as one of the top stand-up comedians, with two popular specials and a third on the way.

But while the comedian’s hosting debut was full of fun cameos (including Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller, who appeared as Robert Mueller and Michael Cohen in a Meet the Parents spoof) and long-shelved sketches, the show actually began with a slight hitch.

Despite the fact that Mulaney worked on the hit show for years, when he went out to deliver his monologue, announcer Darrell Hammond mispronounced his name, calling him “John Mulvaney.”

Naturally, the move surprised fans on Twitter, who couldn’t decide whether the mispronunciation happened on purpose. Many were simply surprised by the mispronunciation, especially considering John Mulaney worked at SNL — and that his tenure and Hammond’s overlapped for a year. But this being Twitter, others took things a step further, speculating that the mispronunciation was actually a sign of a potential feud between the two.

Regardless, people were feeling pretty awkward about the mishap.

On Sunday, April 15th, Hammond took to Twitter to confirm that he mispronounced Mulaney’s name.

He apologized to the Big Mouth actor, saying the error happened because he was trying to multitask. Hammond even shared a video from the dress rehearsal of him pronouncing “Mulaney,” proving he does know his former colleague’s name.

Confirming there was no drama between the two, John Mulaney took it in stride, tweeting that he was most disappointed that he hadn’t asked Hammond to mispronounce his name on purpose. The New in Town comedian added that writing for Hammond during his first few weeks on the show was a “top five memory.”

"No apology necessary Darrell," Mulaney wrote. "I thought it was hilarious and am only bummed I didn’t think to ask you to do it on purpose. You let me & Rob Klein write a Clinton update feature for you my third week in ‘08. Still a top 5 memory for me. Thank you friend"

We’re glad the pair aren’t dwelling on the mishap. Mistakes happen! Hopefully, Mulaney will be back to host again sometime soon — and be called by the right name, of course.

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