John Mayer is releasing “Out West” scented laundry detergent

Over the years we’ve witnessed celebrities place their names on some of the strangest products. While John Mayer releasing a scented laundry detergent by the name of OUT WEST isn’t as weird as say, Snoop Dogg endorsing anti-virus software (lolz), the singer promoting the sudsy stuff still has us just as intrigued, mostly for the reason behind it.

If you follow Mayer on social media, you already know he abhors pit stains and goes to great lengths to ensure that his precious collection of high-end white t-shirts are cleaned to perfection. But the endorsement isn’t all about his shirts. According to People, half the proceeds from Mayer’s collaborative fabric wash and spray set with The Laundress will go to his home state via the Montana Association of Land Trusts, a group of non-profit organizations that work to protect private land.

Although the limited-edition set looks extremely fancy (as laundry detergents go), its scent is all the way down to earth. The site describes OUT WEST as a combination of “crisp and powdery notes with undertones of sandalwood, leather, and amber surrounded by spice, patchouli, and musk.”

Between Mayer’s beauty tips on Snapchat, his video tutorial on how to hand-wash white tees and his laundry set, we’re feeling more inclined treat ourselves and our clothing like royalty.


The official release date for OUT WEST is Sept. 30, but it’s available for pre-order now at The Laundress.