Yes, John Legend sings little baby Luna to sleep, and it’s adorable

When you have a musician as a father, you probably get some top-notch bedtime lullabies. At least you definitely do if your name is Luna, and John Legend happens to be your dad.

Legend had an interview with Radio Disney (which is sweet in itself) and talked a bit about fatherhood, making sure to mention that he’s absolutely head over heels with parenting his adorable daughter. The singer, who will soon be releasing the song “Love Me Now,” discussed how the concept of love has grown since starting a family.

"The sound is pretty similar to my older stuff. It's still very soulful, a lot of great musicians on the album, and I sing a lot about love still," Legend said, when talking about how his music has changed throughout the years. "But obviously, I have a new love in my life in addition to my wife, of course we have a little baby girl Luna. So I sing a little bit about her too," he added.

But, does Legend sing “Love Me Now” to the little lady? It’d be a solid bet.

"I sing and dance to her all the time…she calms down when I sing to her and dance with her," Legend said.

Of course, she gets way more “nonsense dad” songs than true Legend classics. You can call them “Legend one-offs,” we suppose.

"I just make up songs all the time. Whatever I'm trying to get her to do at that time, I make up a little ditty. They all sound like bad commercial jingles," Legend mentioned.

Luna is one lucky girl, that’s for sure — and it’s sweet to know how much she’s inspiring her dad! Who knows? Maybe Legend will release an album of kids songs next.

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