John Legend sang Gordon Ramsay’s most brutal insults so well, they almost sounded nice

Is there any way to make a brutal insult sting less? We had our doubts, but our opinions shifted after hearing John Legend singing Gordon Ramsay’s sickest burns over a few charming piano melodies. The hilarious skit took place during Legend’s appearance on Britain’s The Nightly Show where the cursing and culinary expert served as the guest host.

Somewhere in a remote, dark corner of the internet exists evidence that Chef Ramsay is truly a sweet person. Unfortunately, it is not to be found in Legend’s song version of Ramsay’s insults, which takes aim at other people’s crappy cooking skills in a manner that makes us laugh and feel weirdly sentimental at the same time.

Obviously, Legend’s singing and the piano are responsible for giving us those feels, but before the mushiness can set in, it’s rudely interrupted by Ramsay’s ruthless rants.

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During the skit, the Grammy-winning singer treats us to a preview of a few tracks off the “sensual,” NSFW fictional album Gordon by John Legend. The lyrical annihilation includes lines like, “There’s more olive oil on this than Popeye’s dick,” and, “You put so much ginger in this, it’s a Weasley.”

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Also, we took a particular liking to the more straight-forward, “How the fuck did you burn ice cream?” because that’s actually something we’d like to know, too.

Something else we’re wondering is how Legend managed to keep a straight face while singing and slinging these insults.

Hilarious. So, is there anyone out there brave enough to make a comeback track that disses Ramsay’s singing skills? No? We didn’t think so.

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