John Legend serenading his dogs at their wedding is all the swoons

If you’ve attended a wedding in the last year, you’ve more than likely heard a DJ play John Legend’s “All Of Me.” Let’s be real, it’s a great and beautiful song about love (and Chrissy Teigen), so of course it’s all over the wedding circuit. Turns out humans aren’t the only ones to pick it as their wedding song of choice. John and super-human wife Chrissy’s two dogs, Puddy and Pippa, chose it as their wedding song, too. Or maybe the song chose them.

Puddy and Pippa are so VIP though that John Legend himself sang the song at their dog wedding (yes, dog wedding) and the whole thing is on video and about as magical as we could have ever dreamed.

Truly, the dog wedding was majestic and the dogs looked exceptionally stern and beautiful:

John sang with a ton of feeling:

And he even cut the cake for Puddy and Pippa:

The group really did look amazing together:

So let’s backtrack. Not that we’re complaining, but why was John Legend serenading his dogs at their wedding? For a very good reason: to raise awareness about his work with The Show Me Campaign — a charity that works to give all children access to an education. John launched the Show Me Campaign back in 2007, and in order to raise money for the charity John is raffling off his vocal talents to perform at your big event — like a dog wedding.

By donating to the Show Me Campaign, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a live performance by John at an event of your choosing. So do you have a wedding coming up, either dog or human? A bridal shower? Do you want John to sing at your Game of Thrones viewing party in two weeks? If you donate, he might just end up performing for you. Hopefully Chrissy and the dogs will tag along, too.

In the meantime, check out John sparing no expense for his pooch’s matrimony, and just wait until Chrissy gets wind of what he’s doing.

Without further ado, here’s the doggie “I do.” (sorry)

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