John Legend’s new song will totally make you feel all the feelings

If there’s one thing for certain that we know about John Legend it’s that he’s one heck of a smooth crooner.

The 37-year-old father of baby Luna and husband to the QUEEN OF EVERYTHING Chrissy Teigen knows his way around a beautiful love song, as 2013’s stunning “All of Me” showed. What’s more, we’ve been given amazing access to John’s vocal talents through cute AF Snapchat and Instagram videos where he’s singing to Luna. TOO. MUCH.

However, now John Legend has decided to share his love songs with the world again and we’re feeling all kinds of feelings.

As previously teased by Chrissy on Twitter (before she set her account private, boo), John released his new single “Love Me Now” today (October 7th) and it’s totally stunning. Listen to it below.

The song is the first taste of the singer’s upcoming fifth album Darkness & Light, which is due for release before the end of the year.

Performing the track during a Facebook Live video, John explained that the song took a while to write.

"It actually took place over months," he said of the writing process. "We finally got it right where we were ready to release it. I'm so excited with where it is now. The lyrics really represent my thoughts about love and what it means to hold people close to you."

In the same video, John revealed that he also got inspiration for writing the lyrics for his new album from his wife, Chrissy, and baby Luna.

"I just try to write what's real to me," he said. "What's honest and what's true."

John also revealed that he wrote a song for Luna called “Right By You” and we actually can’t wait to hear it!

John’s new album, which features collaborations with Chance the Rapper and Miguel, is due for release later this year, and he told Notion Magazine that  he didn’t think that it would be too much of a departure from his previous work.

"I believe that it's progression; continuing to push myself and trying to perfect my craft and, to me, that really is to write the best songs you can write, then try to record and produce them in the best way that you can," he said. "It's a bit more of a live band sound than previous albums, we used a live drummer more than we used to, so on a sonic side that's one of the biggest differences, it gives it a more soulful feel, I think."

John Legend’s new single “Love Me Now” is available to stream and download now.

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