John Legend just added lyrics to the “Downton Abbey” theme song and it’s perfect

Whenever we hear the Downton Abbey theme song, we know to get ready for a world of beautiful houses and incredible hats. In honor of the series finale, which aired on Sunday night, John Legend stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to reimagine the theme song with lyrics.

The singer managed to capture every hilarious tidbit from the series and set it to those iconic piano notes we’ll never forget. There’s Mary and Edith’s constant feud, the questionable past of Mr. Bates, and the simple mystery of why everyone is always wearing formalwear.

Combine these hilarious observations with John Legend’s talent and you’ve got an instant hit. The song is short and sweet, which means we can listen to it over and over again.

While Downton Abbey may be over, we’ll always remember the characters and stories the show left behind. Even better, we’ll remember John Legend’s song, which will keep us smiling long after the sadness of saying goodbye has faded away.

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