Luna Legend dancing with John Legend to a John Legend song is a big mood

There’s nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning and reading about America’s favorite family. In case you’re out of the loop, America’s favorite family consists of Chrissy, John, and Luna Legend. (Even though that isn’t really any of their last names, as many people learned after another epic Chrissy Teigen clapback.) John Legend released a new song on Friday, April 6th, and everyone is already loving it. Legend has a real gift for creating catchy, thoughtful, and danceable music. It is one of the many reasons he is the best. “A Good Night” is the perfect song for spring. It will make you fall in love, which is what it’s all about.

But who loves John Legend’s music more than anyone else? His daughter Luna, of course. We’re all familiar with their adorable father/daughter relationship at this point, but somehow, it always gets cuter. Legend has been really open about his relationship with both Teigen and their beautiful daughter. He always has something lovely to say, like when he discussed how holding Baby Luna brought him even closer to Teigen. This family is everything. And bless Instagram for letting us catch little glimpses into their lives. On Friday, Legend shared an adorable video of him dancing with Luna to his new song, and it is a big mood.

John and Luna Legend sway back and forth, both looking 100% delighted.

While they’re dancing, Luna exclaims, “Dada’s singing!” because she clearly recognized her dad’s voice on the song. And then hearts melted everywhere. We should mention that there’s a third member of this dance party, as well. Luna cradles a leopard stuffed animal, her own personal Hobbes.

The video is captioned, “Dada’s singing!” with the hashtag #AGoodNight to promote the new song. These two are absolutely adorable. To have your family enjoy what you create is an incredibly special feeling. We’re so happy that John Legend gets to experience that with his own daughter. And soon, his son!

“A Good Night” is streaming everywhere right now! We hope you listened to it as you read this.

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