Luna just called dad John Legend by his first name, and his reaction is priceless

We’ve all tried to get away with calling our parents by their first names. It’s unclear why we think we can get away with it, or why we want to do it in the first place. But nonetheless, we’ve attempted it. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s daughter Luna just dipped her toes into the first-name waters, and judging by Legend’s reaction to her calling him “John,” it looks like Luna isn’t about to go much deeper than her ankles.

Teigen posted the adorable video of Luna saying “John” to social media, and thank goodness she did. It truly made our day. In the video, Luna carries the family’s brand-new rescue puppy, Petey, and walks over to Legend. She asks him if he wants to hold the dog…using his first name. Legend’s reaction is comedy gold.

"John, would you like to hold her?" Luna asks her father. "John??" he responds, with Teigen already laughing in the background. "I'm not John. I'm your dad."

“Excuse me?” Teigen captioned the video on Instagram. She posted the same video to Twitter, writing, “…john??”

Fans got a kick out of the video, too, responding to Teigen’s tweet with reactions ranging from praise for Luna’s progressive mindset to others warning the couple they might have a troublemaker on their hands.


John…answer Luna. John!

Luna tried it, and Luna was shot down, just like the rest of us. We fellow rebellious kids give her kudos for the attempt. Better luck next time, young grasshopper.

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