John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter Banter Is Making Everything Better

Finally, some levity.

Leave it to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend to provide us with some much-needed lightness in such heavy times. As the election results rolled in on Tuesday evening, Teigen was relatable as always, sharing a shaky video of herself as she stress-cooked and repeated the words “everything’s fine” without much conviction. And on Wednesday, as vote counts were being finalized in various states, Legend tweeted out about a handful of exciting victories—and Teigen was all of us with our election-fried brains just trying to figure out what’s happening.

After votes were counted in California, Los Angeles, and Oregon, John Legend celebrated some of the victories that came along with them, tweeting, “We did it! Thank you to all who voted and brought these systemic changes to life!” That all seems good and straightforward, but the next part was where things got a little confusing upon first glance.

Legend noted the victories with a series of hashtags: “#Yeson17 in CA #NoOn20 in CA #YesonJ in Los Angeles #Yeson110 in OR.”

Teigen was quick to point out how Legend’s capitalization choices made the hashtags hard to understand. At first I was like who’s Yeson, she replied.

Legend, keeping up with his always quick-witted wife, responded back, “My cousin”—and we’re deeply appreciative for the couple’s light-hearted banter during this anxiety marathon of an election.

In case you’re wondering what those hashtags were actually referring to, however, here’s the rundown: #YesOn17 refers to Prop 17, which restores voting rights to Californians who have completed their prison sentence. #NoOn20 refers to Prop 20, which would increase punishment for theft crimes and make some prisoners ineligible for parole hearings. #YesOnJ refers to Measure J, which requires 10% of L.A.’s locally controlled revenue to be invested into local communities and alternatives to incarceration. #YesOn110 refers to Measure 110, which removes criminal penalties for low-level drug possession and increases treatment options in Oregon.

In other news, Teigen and daughter Luna have taken up broadcast reporting, and the adorable video is everything we need right now.

In their short segment, Teigen asked, “So Luna, what’s in the news today?” to which the 4-year-old pretend news anchor says, “Nothing!” Oh how we’d love to live in Luna’s world for the rest of 2020. “What a life that must be,” Teigen wrote.