John Legend proved he knows Chrissy Teigen weirdly well during this quiz on Ellen

When you marry someone, you probably assume you know everything about them. But that’s not always the case. Back in February, Chrissy Teigen played a game called “You Don’t Know Jack About John Legend” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and got off to a rough start. In fact, there were certain John Legend facts she didn’t know at all. While we totally get blanking-on-the-spot (and pregnancy brain is real, by the way), we kind of assumed that Legend would meet a similar fate when he played the same game about Teigen while he was on the show.

We were dead wrong.

ICYMI, the couple first got together after filming the music video for Legend’s song “Stereo.”  They got married in 2013 and have basically been our favorite couple ever since.

While the two have been together for a decade, DeGeneres made sure her game was pretty intense. And let’s just say, the man knows his wife. While he didn’t nail the whole test, he came super close.

We’re impressed.

Here was Teigen answering questions about Legend, just for comparison.


Hey — she picked it up by the end. She also revealed that the two have bickered about Legend not telling her key career information, so it actually makes sense she was blanking on certain answers (plus, on-the-spot quizzes are hard, people!).

We love John Legend and Chrissy Teigen regardless, and again, we’re mightily impressed with just how well Mr. Legend knows his wife.