All the reasons John Legend and Chrissy Teigen epitomize our #relationshipgoals

Last night, John Legend and Common moved the entire Oscar audience (and us at home) to tears with their performance of Selma’s “Glory” — their incredible original song which also earned them each an Academy Award. It’s been a historic award season for these two, and in addition to being crazy happy for them, we’re also selfishly really happy for ourselves because it’s meant we’ve been greeted by more than one Common/Legend award show performance and hyper-moving acceptance speech. Thank you gentlemen, for this brilliant song.

The other thing that having John Legend at every award show means, is that we get Chrissy Teigen too. And (count it!) there may not be another Hollywood couple today as contagiously charming, and adorable, and fabulous and fun as these two. Throughout awards season, these two have been by each other’s side, being supportive, sometimes a wee bit frisky, and generally totally in love. If I had a list of my favorite celebrity couples, singer-songwriter John Legend and model Chrissy Teigen would definitely be at the top. Power moves aside (he has nine Grammy’s, a Golden Globe, and an Oscar win under his belt, and she’s a bonafide super model moving into a new daytime hosting gig on Tyra Banks’ The Fab), Legend and Teigen are more than your typical Hollywood couple.

Their general awesomeness can be summed up by her unfiltered honesty and his fight for social good, and their combined power to turn any moment into something worth celebrating (especially the ones REALLY worth celebrating). This was Teigen’s Instagram after Legend won an Oscar last night. Caption: “!!!!&:&&&:&:9:8,8;’meudhsjnejw!!!”

They’re both fearless in their work, their commitment to equality and their commitment to one another.

We can’t help but take a few minutes to recount some of the ways this Chrissy Teigen/John Legend romance has turned into our #relationshipgoal for life.

First and foremost, the duo has been together for eight years, they met on the set for his music video “Stereo” which, yes, is a must watch.

Moving into the present tense, this is a couple NOT afraid to take their love public, and we adore that. John Legend dedicated his power ballad “All of Me” to Chrissy, and then basically serenaded her at two awards shows for the entire world to see how madly in love they were.

Also the music video is a tribute to their love.

But that’s just the obvious stuff. There is so much more that makes them the couple we want to be.

Together they are a Twitter power couple: She has no filter when it comes to speaking her mind and he refuses to be silenced on the issues that matter most.

A typical John Legend post looks something like this:

A typical Chrissy Teigen post looks something like this:

They are the best dressed couple are every event they go to (and their future children have already won the genetic lottery).

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Pippa, Penny, and Puddy—their three bulldogs—are the stars of their relationship (and Chrissy’s Instagram page).

They dance in Waffle Houses.

And also at Oscar after parties.

They seem to spend a massive portion of their free time eating delicious things and cooking elaborate meals. Her caption on this one? “My sous.”

Also this cooking shot just because.

With Legend being reserved and thoughtful, and Teigen more outrageous and vocal, they are the epitome of opposites attract.

They are down to earth. Getting locked out of your hotel room after the Grammys? No big deal.

They also support each other through all their professional endeavors. Thou shalt not forget Chrissy Teigen cry face when her love won the Golden Globe earlier this year. John is also constantly posting proud and loving pix from Chrissy’s modeling shoots.

They are casually adorable. All. Of. The. Time.

Perhaps most importantly, they always look like they’re having the absolute, hands down, best time together.

Keep being amazing, you two. #RelationshipGoals times 100.