8 adorable John Legend and Chrissy Teigen moments, in case you need a little sunshine in your day

Fact: John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are relationship goals. You know it to be true. Sure, they’re rich and famous, and John Legend’s singing voice is probably what a higher being would sound like if they felt like doing it, but John and Chrissy are just so darn cute. They’re super in love with one another (and their precious kids) and they do all kinds of normal stuff, like take their daughter for passport photos, or balance a plate of chicken wings on Chrissy by the pool just because they can.

At any rate, please enjoy this list of the 8 cutest John and Chrissy moments, because every day of the week we need a little more of them in our lives:

1. “We’re on Below Deck”

We all love Bravo TV shows, but only John and Chrissy get to take their love — or maybe just Chrissy’s love, actually — and get full-on realistic outfits to cosplay it with. Shout out to the new mom for just fully being in breastfeeding mode for it, too. Cosplay waits for no one.

2. When Tony nominations rocked the Legend-Teigen household for reasons fans would never expect

Mr. John Legend is on his way to EGOT-ing, and everyone keeps forgetting to tell Chrissy about this fact. She joked on Twitter that in reading the Tony nominations, she discovered for the first time that her husband of several years and father of her children had written songs for the SpongeBob SquarePants musical.

3. This 2014 Instagram of their cooking class together, when Chrissy wiped away his tears

Why are people that are this hot, this funny, this talented, and this rich also allowed to be funny and loving and relatable? How are we not supposed to be obsessed with them?

4. That time John included secret wedding footage in the “All of Me” music video


As if it wasn’t enough that he wrote the song for her, he went and included wedding footage of theirs in the video for “All of Me”, just to really drive the point home. I’d like to mention that they first met in 2007 on the set of another one of his music videos, when Teigen was modeling. Everything comes full-circle!

5. The chicken wings moment.

Presented without comment.

6. Chrissy ugly cry at the Oscars


The face that launched 1,000 memes was really just a proud wife reacting to her husband’s Oscar win. Did you know that? It’s a fun fact, as far as meme fun facts can go. And speaking of…

7. “My hibernating bears”

Teigen took five minutes off from roasting John about the Arthur meme to post…a really sweet photo that makes my heart melt. It might not be an expressly John and Chrissy moment, but the fact that she came across the two of them napping and called them “My hibernating bears” is just so precious. Adopt us, please.

8. When John defended Chrissy’s parenting on Twitter

John Legend standing up to haters on Twitter on behalf of his wife is just  — it’s just — MY HEART. My heart cannot take it, people.

For more John and Chrissy appreciation, I highly recommend visiting either one of their Instagram or Twitter accounts. Keep doing you, John and Chrissy, you magical, shimmering unicorns of a couple. And if you ever need a nanny, there are a lot of enthusiastic internet fans ready to help out.