John Legend Says Chrissy Teigen Is Their “Fearless Leader” During the Holidays

He even revealed what the family eats for the big holiday meal—and we've got the exact recipe.

By now, John Legend is pretty much the undisputed king of Christmas, but you probably won’t be surprised to find out that it’s his wife, Chrissy Teigen, whom he considers to be his family’s “fearless leader” during the holidays.

Legend has been flooding his YouTube channel with primo Christmas content, sharing both his takes on the most iconic holiday songs as well as “Legendary Christmas tales,” in which he shares behind-the-scenes stories about his own holiday traditions.

In one clip, posted December 18th, Legend shared that though he himself loves Christmas and all that comes with it—the music, the traditions, and the time spent with his nearest and dearest—it’s Teigen who takes the lead when it comes to planning the perfect holiday meal.

“Chrissy and I love to cook together,” he saud. “Of course, Chrissy is our fearless leader in the kitchen, and she is so good at planning our Christmas meals.”

He even shared their go-to dinner dish for the past few Christmases, and it’s a true holiday classic. “We’ve settled on a new tradition in the past few years. We make beef wellington as our main meat for our main course every Christmas. It’s juicy and flavorful. It’s steak, basically wrapped in some Béchamel sauce and then coated in a phyllo dough.”

It seems the meal gets the Legend stamp of approval. He said, “It tastes so good! We have it every year, and hopefully we’ll continue to have it.”

Want some more adorably festive family tidbits? Head to Legend’s YouTube channel, where you’ll hear him dish about the solid gifts Teigen gives him each year. Spoiler alert: Not only does she get him a bag to tote all of his stuff around, but she’s a big fan of a cozy robe, which fans of the couple’s Instagram pages will surely recognize through the many photos and videos of them donning a luxe selection of them.

These two are always the definition of #couplegoals, but especially this time of year. Happy holidays, you two! We’re fully inspired to make the Cravings beef wellington for our own holiday table this year.

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