John Legend has some big news about baby Luna

It is amazing how quickly babies grow up. Singer John Legend has revealed that his and Chrissy Teigen’s baby girl, Luna Simone is…crawling! Legend revealed this little juicy bit of news this week during a TCA press conference. Luna is nine months (already?!) and dad says that she’s starting to crawl and pull herself up on things; pretty typical behavior for someone her age. While Legend says she’s “not walking yet,” it’s only a matter of time before she is. “It’s a pretty fun time,” he said. “We’re enjoying this whole period of our lives and of her life.” They better, because it goes by way too quickly.

“I feel like she already said her first word which is, ‘Hi,’ because I feel like she’s aware she’s saying it, and she waves when she says it, so I feel like that’s her first official word,” he said, of another major milestone the little one has reached. When asked, he stated that once she really starts talking it will be easier to know if she’s more like him or wife Chrissy Teigen. Legend recently celebrated his 38th birthday in Florida with Chrissy and Luna and couldn’t help sharing some pictures of his beautiful baby girl.

When asked if he and Teigen would have any more children, he seemed enthusiastic about the idea. “We want to have more. I don’t know the timing, but we definitely wanna have at least a couple more,” he said. We hope they time it soon, because the world needs some more of their cute offspring.

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