John Legend and Parker Sawyers just answered ALL our questions about their Barack and Michelle Obama movie

It’s pretty clear to see that President Barack Obama just might be our cutest president yet — and that he and his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, are arguably the best presidential couple to ever grace the White House.

Which is why it’s only fitting that the two are getting a movie focused on their love story.

It’s called Southside With You, and with Parker Sawyers as Barack Obama, Tika Sumpter as Michelle Robinson, and music by Academy Award-winning singer-songwriter John Legend, it tells the story of a very special first date back in summer 1989.

Yesterday, Legend and Sawyers teamed up to spread the word ahead of the film’s August 26th premiere date, and using the hashtag #AskSSWY, they answered all the questions that fans could think of.

And the fans asked some great questions.

(You can check out all the answers on Legend’s Twitter account here.)

At a time when we’re getting ready to pick a new First Family, it’s great to be reminded how awesome our current one is — and how special a story they have.

We’ll definitely be hitting the theater on August 26th. See you there!

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