John Legend shared a picture of baby Luna and she looks so cute and comfy

If there’s one family that gives us ultimate #goalsit’s Chrissy Teigan, John Legend, and baby Luna. Whether it’s sharing adorable videos of Chrissy and Luna dancing to dad John singing Christmas songs (in September), the way that John talks about being a dad (which will totally melt your heart), or the way that they share their cute AF family days out, it’s safe to say that we love seeing how happy they all are together.

When Chrissy was pregnant with baby Luna, both her and John said that they weren’t going to shy away from sharing their little girl with the world, and we love seeing her in their Instagram posts and Snapchats.

We *heart* seeing pictures like this, too.

It’s been amazing to see Luna continue to grow, and as John told People magazine, she’s already developed quite the personality.

“She seems to be able to handle a lot of different environments because she’s traveled a lot with us already,” he explained. “We’ve been to Italy, and to France and New York, and Mexico with her, and so she’s traveled quite a lot with us already. She’s been able to handle all that so hopefully we’re getting her prepared for the kind of life we live.”

Now John has shared the most adorable picture of Luna and the thing that makes her happiest…a fluffy blanket.

“Nothing makes her happier than this blanket,” John wrote on Instagram, commenting on the picture.

Doesn’t Luna look *so* cute and happy, and doesn’t that blanket look like it might be the softest and comfiest thing, like, ever?

John Legend also took his daughter to the football over the weekend, too.

Daddy, I didn’t know they were gonna score 77!” he captioned the picture, which says that it was Luna’s first Saturday of Ohio State football.

Omg, these pics are just too enchanting.

Also, we have to say, we’re kinda jealous of Luna’s luscious looking blanket. We’d love to spend most of the day lying around on something so uber comfy.

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