John Krasinski really wants a The Office reunion because he’s worried about what Jim’s doing in the future

John Krasinski genuinely wants to know what Jim Halpert is up to these days just as much as we do. The A Quiet Place actor-director, who played Jim on The Office for nine seasons, recently opened up about his hopes for a reunion because he’s worried about the current status of his fictional character. And you know what? Same. We want to know how he’s doing in the present day. Is he still together with Pam? How are their kids? Is he flourishing in sports marketing? Is he still sending Dwight faxes from the future?

During a recent photoshoot with Variety, Krasinski shared how much he wants to see The Office gang back on screen. In December of last year, news broke that NBC was *this close* to actually making our Office revival dreams a reality, but since then things have been in flux. The actors want to do it. We want them to do it. Krasinski just wants to make sure that Jim is okay in the future.

"Where is Jim? What is he doing?!" Mr. Emily Blunt asked. "I actually don't know, and I'm actually looking forward to [doing a reunion]. People have asked if I would do sort of a reunion type thing, and yes, for exactly that reason. I need the incredible writers of our show to tell me what he’s doing because I’m kind of worried about him.

He continued: “He had a whole lot of hopes and dreams, he had a lot of zany ideas, and then he went to Austin to live his life and I feel like the dreams are still in his head so let’s see what he’s doing now.”

If you can still remember the finale, Jim and Pam moved to Austin so Jim could focus on Athleap (formerly Athlead), the sports company he founded with his college buddies. Dwight decided to “fire” the couple so they could be awarded hefty severance packages, which they could use to fund Athleap as well as their move.

Krasinski went on to say that a lot of people, including himself, relate so much to Jim because he’s sort of like the “doorway” to the crazy world of Dunder Mifflin.

"He was just a guy who wasn’t the coolest guy, wasn’t the least cool guy, he was sort of secure and sort of insecure at times," he said. "He really felt – to me – like a representation of a lot of people I know, and certainly myself."

*looks at the camera like we’re on The Office* Hey NBC, rumors of the reunion has been circulating for as long as we can remember. Please make it happen this time around.

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