John Krasinski just invited all high school students to prom tonight—virtually

John Krasinski has made it his mission during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to spread some good news—even going so far as to make a YouTube news channel called…”Some Good News.” So far, his uploads have involved sharing positive news stories from around the world and an interview with former Office co-star Steve Carell. But tonight, April 17th, things are getting a little more festive. Krasinski is hosting a virtual prom for all the high school students out there who are missing theirs this year.

Sure, it might sound a little “the professors would go to the parties?” But he’s not really going to the party. He’s just DJing and providing the venue—well, virtual venue. Krasinski announced the news on Instagram with a photo of himself at prom. “First of all…you’re welcome,” he captioned the pic.

“Second of all I can’t take it anymore how much you are all missing your prom. So let’s do something about it! Let’s have an #SGNprom!”

The prom will take place on the Some Good News YouTube channel tonight at 8 p.m. ET. The YouTube Live will be streaming here. There are already people in the chat talking about, well, not prom, so that might be a mess tonight. (Prom is messy though, right?)

But, hey, any high schoolers who “attend” can probably find ways to really enjoy this thing. They could dress in their prom finest and share pictures with their friends on social media. Or, they could start a Zoom chat while they all listen to Krasinski DJ together. Basically, there are ways to do this that aren’t just watching the live stream alone while spam messages inevitably fill the chat room.

It’ll be interesting, at least, to see how this all works out and what Krasinski’s DJ skills are like. Maybe Emily Blunt will make a cameo. It might not be the prom high schoolers were expecting, but it’s got to be nice to know that Jim Halpert is looking out for you at a time like this.

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