John Krasinski says ~sexy time~ has changed now that his body is different

If you’re a fan of The Office, there’s no doubt you still feel like you’re basically best friends forever with John Krasinksi, the actor who plays Jim. While The Office is long over, Krasinki has continued acting and been involved in all aspects of entertainment, including directing! His most recent role in 13 Hours has people commenting on his newly acquired muscles, so much so that the topic of how his wife, actress Emily Blunt, feels about his new abs came up during Krasinki’s interview with Elle.


When asked, “How does Emily feel about your new body?” Krasinski gave a heart-warming and body positive answer: “The truth is, she really is that person who would like me any way.” When pressed, he did admit, however, that sex is different now that he is “ripped.” He explains, “[sex] is so much better for me being jacked because you feel so much more confident and you see yourself as this much more sexual person, which is really fun.”

While we know Krasinksi is largely speaking in jest about his new abs, it’s an important reminder that body positivity is significant for both men and women, and that men are not immune to gender norms and societal expectations when it comes to the “right” way for your body to look or act.