John Krasinski is 100% game for an “Office” reboot, and his reunion episode idea would make Jim Halpert proud

Looks like someone’s ready to strap on his Flonkerton shoes again. John Krasinski says he’s all for an Office reunion — he just hasn’t been called yet for the reboot. And it’s a shame, because he even has a pretty stellar idea for how a reunion episode could work.

In an interview with The Wrap, Krasinski reiterated that he never got tired of the cast, and they were as close-knit in real life as they appeared on camera. “Every single day, people said, ‘By the end, were you guys kind of tired of each other?’ I was like, ‘No no no, we had the most fun up until the last day,’” he said. “I would love to play with those guys again and do something.”

The Office wrapped in 2013, and since then Krasinski has taken on several major roles. This year, he’ll star in the Amazon Prime original television series Jack Ryan. And in addition to voiceover work in shows like Bojack Horseman and Robot Chicken, he also directed and stars in A Quiet Place, which is set to premiere this April (and also costars his wife Emily Blunt). But busy as he is, he’d make the time to play Jim Halpert one more time.

"It really comes down to the idea," Krasinski continued. "The original British show, the best thing was they had a Christmas episode — it was a one-off. I would love to do that. I think it would be a sort of ‘Where Are They Now’ kind of thing. That would be really fun."

Krasinski even stated his case on Ellen last month.

"I am surprised that after Ellen and all that — I haven’t gotten a call, so I haven’t heard anything about it, other than on the internet," he said. "The internet is making the show."

Come on NBC. The world needs this.

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