The truth is, there’s no way John Krasinski is coming back for an “Office” revival

Guys, we’re all thrilled (and a little nervous, tbh) about the reported 2018 reboot of The Office. But we need to have some Real Talk™ before we get ahead of ourselves. Because as much as we’d love to see the entire cast of The Office back together again, we’ve got to be honest — there’s no way Jim Halpert is going to be returning to Dunder Mifflin. We want this as much as you do, and we’re sure John Krasinski himself is even giddy to hear news of the series’ revival.

So what’s our reasoning for feeling quite certain we’re not going to see John Krasinski return to The Office to reprise his role? First of all, we’re not even entirely sure what this reboot is going to entail yet. Reports tell us it’ll be a mix of old and new characters, but we don’t if it’s more of a reunion or an attempt to full on reboot the show.

But more importantly, he’s completely and totally jacked now, and while we do enjoy imagining him in the ol’ shirt and tie…we’re concerned about his arms fitting into your average dress shirt. There, we said it.

Yes, we are implying that John Krasinski wears tank tops at all times. Yes, you’re welcome for that mental image.

For another, he’s got his own Amazon show now. We’re not saying John Krasinski is too cool for The Office now, but he’s in a cable show where he gets to be a cool sexy spy and stuff blows up.

So he’s…like, honestly, a little too cool. Not that we didn’t find Jim Halpert to be cool and sexy in his way, but it’s like comparing apples and oranges.

He’s also out there writing and directing movies with his super cool wife, Emily Blunt, so he clearly doesn’t have a lot of free time.

They also have kids now, which we hear takes up of the day, or something?

He’s also really rugged and bearded lately.

This may or may not be relevant, we just wanted to bring it up.

All this said, if John Krasinski does return to The Office, we’re really excited at the prospect of a rugged, bearded, buff Jim Halpert who now has some kind of brooding, tragic backstory to justify his change in aesthetic. Romance novel Jim Halpert is a Jim Halpert we could get behind, and is, frankly, the Jim Halpert we all deserve.

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