John Krasinski was ALMOST Captain American. Now he wants to fight him.

In some parallel universe, the red, white, and blue of Captain American isn’t worn by Chris Evans, but instead, John Krasinski. Can you even imagine?

While promoting his newest movie, Michael Bay’s 13 hours, Krasinski let it slip that way back in 2010, he actually auditioned for the title role in First Avenger. Talking to Digital Spy, he explains that he had a screen test, which he remembers as being, “hilarious,” because he “definitely got to wear the suit… and sign my life away [on confidentially agreements] that I wouldn’t even talk about it, so they’re going to kill me now, so thanks.”

Whoops. But no worries, seeing as how Evans is doing fine and terrific things as Cap, and we honestly couldn’t think of it any other way. Neither could Krasinski, who considers Evans a good friend. And with that all being said, now it only seems fitting that the two off-screen friends go head to head on-screen.

“Maybe now I have to play a villain,” Krasinski suggests. “And I fight Chris. That’s what we need to do!”

So hear that, Marvel? Krasinski is totally ready (and in shape) to step up and fight Captain America if you need him to. He’s actually willing to play whatever role in whatever Marvel movie you want, because he “loves watching them, so [he’d] love to be a part of it.”

Even though we’re almost a dozen Marvel movies in, there are still plenty of characters out there left to explore. Certainly Krasinski can suit up for one of them. Marvel, what do you say?

(Image via NBC)

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