John Krasinski has found his next movie, and A Quiet Place fans will love it

After living in a post-apocalyptic world replete with Demogorgon-like monsters who will eat you alive when you make a sound, John Krasinski is now heading to Mars. Following the massive success of A Quiet Place, John Krasinski has, well, found *another quiet place* and linked up with Planet Dunes — a team of producers composed of Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller — to produce the sci-fi thriller Life on Mars.

Here’s the deal: Life on Mars is based on Cecil Castellucci’s short story titled We Have Always Lived on Mars.

It revolves around a woman named Nina, who’s living in a Martian colony and one day finds out that she can breathe the air on the planet. This discovery turns her and her fellow colonists’ world upside down, and presumably, things will start going up in flames from there.

Krasinski, whose involvement in the film was announced by The Hollywood Reporter, was apparently the one who found the story and brought it to the production company himself. And like his critically-acclaimed horror film, this one also has a high-concept hook.

No writer or director is attached to the project yet, and Krasinski is not expected to star.

But based on his work in A Quiet Place, a film which Krasinski co-wrote, directed, AND starred in — a movie which wowed critics and audiences alike and garnered $50 million in its opening weekend alone — we can safely assume that Life on Mars will also blow past expectations and skyrocket to No. 1 at the box office.

See, we told you you’d be into this, A Quiet Place fans.

While we’re still waiting for to find out whether John Krasinski will replace Matt Damon as the king of Mars, we will soon see him star as the titular character in the upcoming Amazon series Jack Ryan, which is based on a Tom Clancy character. It’s set to start streaming on August 31st.

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