John Krasinski is back on Instagram and all is right with the world

About eight months ago, John Krasinski (aka our fave funnyman-turned-leading-man) joined the rest of the free world and signed up for an Instagram account. He made a few posts that we swooned over, but then, he messed with our hearts and disappeared completely.

Now, after way more silent weeks than we care to count, he’s BACK.

Yeah, okay, this isn’t the most flattering photo of him, but we’re swooning over it all the same. Hopefully he’s made a schedule for regular posts (and plenty of selfies, because we have our demands), because there’s no running away from this anymore.

His pics are all hilarious, so naturally we want more, more, MORE.

Remember this one where his jittery nerves were the most adorable thing ever?

And this one where he got all slimy with Jimmy Kimmel and then made sure it was captured for the world to see?

And this throw back Thursday when he went WAY back?

And this one, which obviously speaks for itself?

As you can see, we’re big fans of Krasinski, but not only for his Instagram account. He talks about fatherhood in the sweetest way, not to mention the fact that he and Emily Blunt give us serious #relationship goals.

Dear John: We would like more special Instagram pictures (on a regular basis) please, and also, many more of you and Emily Blunt and your growing family, because you are the cutest couple and parents ever.

Happy John Krasinski Instagram day! Let’s do a throwback to his first post ever.

Even with a blurry face, he still makes everything feel good.

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