John Krasinski and Emily Blunt made A Quiet Place as a “love letter” to their kids

At first glance, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s new movie, A Quiet Place, looks like a horror film. And don’t get us wrong — it definitely is. The trailer for A Quiet Place alone will chill you to the bone. But as you watch it, with your hands at the ready to cover your eyes, you’ll realize that the movie blends multiple genres. It’s scary, supernatural, and suspenseful. And yet, it’s also a family movie.

We spoke with Krasinski (who co-wrote, directed, and starred in the film) and Blunt about how personal making A Quiet Place was for them.

“When I got the original script, we had just had our daughter three weeks before — our second daughter,” Krasinski said. “I was in that pretty terrifying phase of new parenthood. I was scared to keep her safe, scared to keep her alive, scared about whether or not I was a good enough person to be her father. And all these things are in this movie.”

Krasinski continued, calling the film a “love letter” to their daughters Hazel and Violet.

“As scary as it is — and I love that people are saying it’s a scary movie — the truth of the matter is — and it looks insane from looking at this [movie] poster — this is a love letter to my kids. This is truly a story about, ‘What would you really do for your children in order to protect them?’ The family stuff is so emotional for me.”

Yep — believe it or not, A Quiet Place is a family movie.

Blunt agreed, saying that the story was a very personal one for her.

"The character is so close to home for me. That's what I want for my kids: to infuse their lives with happiness and protect them at all costs. What this mother experience is would be my deepest fear. So it was very personal. I think there was so much we could draw from."

A Quiet Place hits theaters on Friday, April 6th!

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