John Krasinski, Chris Pratt, other dude-babes do #22PushupChallenge to raise awareness for such an important issue

Now, here’s a social media campaign that we can definitely get behind. You might have seen the #22PushUpChallenge all over your Facebook feed in the last week or so, which is aimed to bring a little awareness (and financial donations) to help support veterans’ mental health. Why is it 22 push-ups? Well, it’s been estimated that 22 veterans commit suicide per day, based on the mental anguish that they suffer. Those who are nominated are challenged to film themselves doing 22 push-ups in their honor. The entire challenge was put together by a charity from the UK called Combat Stress.

Just like the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, this campaign has made its way to Hollywood. Below, check out some of our ultimate favorite celebrity men showing off their push-ups on social media for a good cause.

Here’s Chris Pratt (and bonus — his wife, Anna Faris joins in as well)

John Krasinski also joined in, after Chris Pratt nominated him.

And thanks to John, Chris Evans was nominated next. Take note of his adorable dog.

Scott Eastwood also joined up, making sure to give a nice view of his abs before truly getting into it.

The Rock made sure to take Chris Pratt’s #22PushupChallenge nomination seriously. (And his cute dog helps cheer him on!)

The Rock nominated JJ Watt, who graciously accepted his offer to participate.

Want to join up? You don’t necessarily need to be nominated. Help spread the word on social media, and you’ll definitely make a difference. And if pushups aren’t necessarily your thing (and hey, that’s understandable) you can make a direct donation to Combat Stress on their website. Every little bit helps!

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