John Krasinski already has an idea for A Quiet Place 2, and we’re silently freaking out

“If they hear you, they hunt you.” The premise to John Krasinski’s movie A Quiet Place is simple: Remain perfectly silent, no matter what, or else the aliens will come and snatch you. The film, which Krasinski co-wrote, directed, and starred in, was a surprising box office success. It was so successful, in fact, that at CinemaCon in April, Paramount chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos announced that a sequel to A Quiet Place is officially in the works. And now that it’s really happening, John Krasinski already has an idea for A Quiet Place 2.

Moviegoers loved the story of the family of four (okay, technically five) doing everything they can to live a normal life under extreme circumstances. And it’s that extreme world of sand trails and red lights that Krasinski wants to return to. He hasn’t confirmed whether he will reprise his roles as writer and/or director for A Quiet Place 2. But if he does, he already has some ideas about what he wants to explore further for the A Quiet Place sequel.

“It’s only a short while since the movie came out, but already people are saying, ‘We want to live in this world more,’ which is really interesting,” Krasinski told Deadline. “I’m surprised people aren’t like, ‘Nah, we know what this is, and we just want to leave it as it is.’ To be perfectly honest, it was never really on my mind while we were making it. I never really thought of it as an expanded world; I always thought of it as a one-off.”

If Krasinski has his way, A Quiet Place 2 will explore who else is living under these extreme circumstances and how they got there.

"The thing that I loved in the movie, where my mind kept wandering as we were making it, was the question of who was on the other end of those fires, when the father lights the fire and in the distance those other fires light up. How did those people survive? How did that old man survive? In the extreme these characters are going through, there's no room to think about that. They're there, there's an old man who's about to scream, they just have to deal with that. I think it would be interesting to see what’s going on elsewhere at this same time."

Now the gears are turning in our heads too. But we know that whichever direction the story follows, we’ll be first in line to see A Quiet Place 2.

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