John Green’s next movie adaptation is being penned by the writer of ‘Pitch Perfect’ — excuse us while we die of excitement

OMG. Another John Green book is being turned into a movie and we are freaking out. Let It Snow, the holiday short story collection that Green wrote with Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle, is getting the Hollywood treatment, set to release in theaters in December 2016.

As if that news isn’t amazing enough, Kay Cannon, as in the genius writer behind Pitch Perfect 1 and 2, is penning the script! Basically, Let It Snow sounds like it will be one part John Green goodness, one part Christmas Eve, and one part aca-mazing (speaking of which, there have been no announcements regarding whether or not Let It Snow will include singing, but just in case anyone is wondering, we’re all for it).

Gah!!! This is how our brains looks right now …

With Let It Snow debuting in 2016, The Fault In Our Stars hailing from 2014 and with Paper Towns coming out in less than a month (cue squealing), that makes three John Green movies in three years? So much yes.

Teen Vogue reported that John Green also has a Looking for Alaska script caught in the “movie pipeline,” but hopefully that gets picked up in time to keep up the John Green streak (four for four!).

In the meantime, we’ll just be over here way too excited about this aca-awesome news.

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