John Green’s ‘Paper Towns’ is the Latest Novel Headed to the Big Screen

John Green is certainly a prolific author, having written six novels since 2005. While many have loved him since his debut, Looking For Alaska, many others have only just come to discover his work following the release of the New York Times bestseller, The Fault In Our Stars. The latter has been turned into a film starring Shailene Woodley, and Green fans – not to mention fans of YA literature everywhere – were thrilled to hear of its big screen treatment.

However, Green fans have something else to celebrate now. His 2008 novel, Paper Towns, has also been optioned by Fox 2000 to be turned into a movie. Not only will Paper Towns bring back the producing and writing team from The Fault In Our Stars (including Elizabeth Gabler and Erin Siminoff – yay, ladies!), it’ll also be bringing back one of the stars himself, Nat Wolff. Amazing!

If you’re not familiar with Paper Towns, here’s Deadline‘s breakdown of the story:

Sounds pretty intense, like most of Green’s work!

It’s awesome to see some of our most beloved books hitting the big screen, but there are drawbacks, as well, and many film fans have complained about the lack of originality in current cinema. Plus, there’s always a problem with a movie’s time limit. There’s no way a 300 page novel can fit all its contents into a 2-hour limit.

Are you a fan of movie adaptations? Are you excited for Paper Towns?

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