John Green has one word he regrets using in ‘Paper Towns’ (and he has a really good reason why)

We’re all on pins and needles for the Paper Towns movie to come out, and we’re sure John Green is too, you know, because he wrote the thing. However, as it turns out, Green does also have a regret about the novel the film is based on, a word he used that he now wishes he hadn’t- a slur that begins with an “r” that is unfortunately used to refer to those who are mentally differently-abled. I’m pretty sure we all know which word I’m talking about, which is a good thing, because it’s not a word I would ever want to say, in print or out loud.

As EntertainThis reports, a fan recently reached out to Green on Twitter to bemoan the use of this word:

Green wrote back to the fan to express that he too wishes he hadn’t used the word:

We love that Green explained his rationale at the time, walked us through what’s changed, and promised to permanently retire the word from his writing (and life) vocabulary. We adore an author that perfectly captures life as it is, but authors (especially whoa-big, famous-times authors like John Green) have the power to shape the cultural conversation and change how we both speak and think. We’re glad that Green stepped up to the plate and did his best to make amends and is resolving to use his power for good, that’s the John Green we all know and love.

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