John Green has a teensy request for all his Twitter fans

Important announcement from John Green, so listen up, everyone. Even though we THINK he’s in charge of everything, he’s actually not. He’s especially not in charge of the movies based off of his books. He’s just a regular guy whose written some of our favorite books that have subsequently been turned into movies. So we need to stop pestering him with demands for the upcoming movie adaptations, OK? OK.

Green has lately been bombarded with not just suggestions but demands as to who should be cast in Looking For Alaska. While he’s deeply involved with the production aspects of his two prior movies (he even served as an executive producer on Paper Towns) he’s actually not the one calling the shots. Green is not a casting director, which means he’s not in charge of who gets to play who in any movies, whether it be Looking for Alaska, or An Abundance of Katherines, or any other book he’ll write that gets turned into a movie.

Twitter, however, wants to believe otherwise, and after being deluged with way-too-many tweet requests, it was time for Green to speak out. He asks us — very politely — to stop hounding him about casting, and also stop threatening to kill him. Those seem like modest requests.

OK, that’s not all, because Green isn’t even sure that Looking For Alaska will even happen. I mean, we can all hope and pray that an adaptation comes our way (and Green will agree with that wishing and hoping thing) but he’s still not in charge of casting, he’s also not in charge of Hollywood. So all of this worry over casting might all be for naught.

He does offer up one suggestion, though, should the movie ever come to pass, and honestly it’s the best idea we’ve ever heard. This is actually how all of his movie adaptations should happen from here on out.

So let’s give Green have some peace and quiet for a while, because the more we distract him, the longer it’s going to take him to write his next book, and we desperately want that next book.

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