John Boyega visited a children’s hospital dressed as Finn and our hearts can’t take it

It feels like it’s time to officially rename John Boyega to John BAEyega, because his latest outing is giving us all the feels. Over the weekend, the Star Wars actor stopped by the Royal London Hospital (close to where he’s currently filming Episode VIII) to visit a little boy, named Daniel, with a brain tumor. Our favorite celebs have certainly visited children’s hospitals before, but none of them have done it up quite like BAEyega before.

Boyega shared the photos from his visit to Instagram where he dressed like Finn and stayed in character the entire day. So Daniel wasn’t meeting with newly minted celebrity Boyega, but reformed Stormtrooper Finn. Oh, and this little boy was actually dressed as a Stormtrooper, too.

“I stayed in character while I was with this brave boy asking him what a car was. He taught Finn about everything [sic] earth related!” Boyega writes in his Instagram caption. If that’s not enough, there was another little girl dressed as Rey, who offered to be “Finn’s” Rey for the day.

That sound you hear is our hearts bursting, and then mending themselves back together, and then bursting again. Keep up the amazing work, Boyega. The feel-good Force is most definitely with him.