John Battman *might* be the best Batman we’ve ever seen

Move over, Lego Batman: There’s a new animated Batman winning our hearts. Our new favorite is John Battman, A.K.A. possibly the most realistic Batman ever. We get that the Lego Batman trailer is the best, but TBH, this video gives it a run for its money. Also, the folks at Cyanide and Happiness created it. (They’re the ones who made the existential Gingerbread Man meme that made us LOL this holiday season.)

This animated short is a commercial for a crime-fighting vigilante named — you guessed it — John Battman. The style is what makes the video truly hilarious. It hearkens to the testimonial-filled ads you’d usually see on late night TV.

“Is your city all crimed up all the time? John Battman asks. “Do costumed villains say they’ll explode your mayor if you don’t give them all the money? And already, we can’t stop laughing.

Broots Waymb gives his testimony — as a respected citizen who’s definitely *not* also wearing a catsuit underneath his blazer, he’s totally trustworthy.

Watching the video, it’s easy to realize how bonkers the concept of Batman truly is. From the vigilante aspect, to scaring villains by dressing as a bat, it’s all a bit weird. (Don’t get us wrong, we love Batman — but any superhero seems weird when you really dissect everything about them.)

The video also calls out the elaborate traps villains always seem to set. However, our favorite aspect pokes fun at the Bat Signal itself. Or, as John Battman says, “put a light in a cloud.

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We’re low key obsessed with this video. It’s not that we don’t still love Lego Batman; it’s just that John Battman is a different kind of funny. Besides, with the holidays over, we’re glad to have another delightfully weird piece from Cyanide and Happiness to take its place in our hearts. Now pardon us, but we’ve got to figure out how to “put a light in a cloud.”