The Act‘s Joey King opened up about her “different” relationship with onscreen mom Patricia Arquette

The real-life story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her mother, Dee Dee, has fascinated and (horrified) audiences nation-wide. Thankfully, the actresses who play the complicated women in the Hulu drama series The ActJoey King and Patricia Arquette—shared a much healthier bond than their real-life counterparts.

The Act is a Hulu true-crime miniseries based on the real events surrounding Dee Dee’s murder. It’s the tale of a woman who made the world believe her daughter was terminally ill so that she could use assistance programs and garner sympathy from those around her. Until, of course, Gypsy Rose orchestrated her mother’s murder. It’s definitely heavy subject matter, and it seems as though King and Arquette became extremely close while working on the project.

"I've picked up so many friends along the way doing what I do," King told E! News. "It is normal for me to stay in contact with people I've worked with, but my relationship with Patricia, I would say is very different from any relationship I've ever had with an actor on set. Her and I went through so much together and I learned so much from her. She just became like family to me."


She also noted that her co-star always looked out for her. “She really took a lot of care in making sure I was safe and OK on set,” King continued. “I had a couple nude scenes and she was right there making sure everyone was doing what they were supposed to do, and every monitor was turned the way it was supposed to be turned. That kind of thing. It means so much when someone you admire and love takes such good care of you.”

"My relationship with Patricia is completely unique to anything I've ever felt before," she concluded. "I do hope we get the chance to share the screen together again someday."

We’d personally be all about more King and Arquette content.

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