All the beautiful lessons Joey and Chandler taught us about friendship

When news dropped this weekend that Jennifer Aniston had secretly married Justin Theroux, Friends fans around the world rushed to their computer screens in hopes of spotting a long-awaited reunion pic with her NBC costars, with no such luck. As it turns out, two members of the original Friends gang, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc, didn’t get an invite to the event. But it’s all good! Both Matts said they were happy for their old friend and, as Leblanc told press, Jen’s happiness is all that really matters. Talk about solid friends. No really, let’s talk about it. Because the Matts’ alter-egos, Joey and Chandler, were the most solid friends anyone could have. Not only were they the drama-free dudes of their inner-circle, their approach to friendship was the TV representation of #squadgoals. Allow us to elaborate. . .

Do anything you can to help a bestie in need. Yes, anything.

When Monica got stung by a jellyfish and was rolling around on the ground in agony, who stepped up to help relieve her pain? That’s right. Joey and Chandler. With their pee. The pair proudly confessed their willingness to pee on Monica, and any one of their friends, if needed, proving that the best friendships are formed through mutually embarrassing situations.

Making your friends laugh is the best thing ever.

Whether they’re hunting down missing babies or having deep, philosophical life conversations in a canoe or parading around with turkeys on their head, Joey and Chandler are always able to put a smile on people’s faces. It may take a few bad jokes and puppy dog eyes, of course, but they always get there eventually.

Always keep the dance party going.

One of my favorite Tumblr pages is one that’s dedicated entirely to GIFs of Chandler dancing on random things. Dinosaurs, planets, Oprah. You name it, he’s danced on it. Joey is not much better in the dance department. While their crazy moves may not be the greatest in sitcom history (Monica and Ross claim that title with their “routine”), they definitely had their own thing going on. See?

Be forgiving, even when it’s really hard.

Nobody’s perfect, not even your best friend. Chandler and Joey know this all too well. When Chandler kissed Joey’s girlfriend, he offered to lie in a wooden box until Joey forgave him. Likewise, when Joey was trapped inside his entertainment center by a robber and lost all of their furniture, Chandler didn’t hold a grudge. He was much more understanding than I would’ve been had I been left with only a canoe and a lawn chair in my living room.

You will never, ever be bored when you’re with your besties.

If you were friends with Chandler and Joey, one thing’s for certain: you would never, ever be bored. Whether it meant playing Foosball for hours on end or practicing for a new game show, there would always be something to do with these two. You’d never be bamboozled by boredom again.

With your friends, there is no such thing as being too silly. 

I aspire to ride into every room on a ceramic white dog statue and it’s all thanks to Joey and Chandler. These two fools (and I say that in the most endearing way possible) were never afraid to be themselves, unless, of course, they were trying to impress a girl but that’s an entirely different story. Everyone needs a little bit of silliness in their lives and for that, we can call on Ken Adams and Mrs. Chanandler Bong.

Love animals, love your besties’ animals.

It always troubles me when I find someone who genuinely dislikes animals. Anyone that can look into the eyes of a kitten and scoff is someone that I probably don’t want to be friends with. While Chandler’s dislike of dogs verges on being a dealbreaker, his and Joey’s love for the duck and the chick makes up for it.

Thou shalt give BFF bear hugs, and thou shalt also accept them.

These two had more meaningful hugs over the years than any of the other characters, and that’s saying something. For all of their displays of machismo and their sarcastic remarks, Joey and Chandler did have a sensitive side and they weren’t afraid to flaunt it, at least to each other in the privacy of their apartment.

Unconditional love. That’s what it’s all about. 

Even if you liked dinosaurs and Discovery Channel specials. Even if you yelled at them for something silly. Even if you didn’t invite them to your wedding. That’s how good of friends they are.

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