Just so you know, Joe Keery usually goes three days without washing his hair

Season 2 of Stranger Things has been out for nearly two weeks and if there’s one thing we’re still not over, it’s Joe Keery’s stunning ’80s coif on the Netflix show. Okay fine, while there are many other things we’e still freaking out about from Season 2 — the Mind Flayer’s inevitable return, Hopper adopting Eleven — we’re still amazed at by the utter perfection of Steve’s hair.

During Season 2 we learn the secret to Steve’s hair success comes from Fabergé Organics shampoo and conditioner, and four puffs of the Farrah Fawcett hairspray — but only when the hair is damp, not wet. But alas, the ’80s are behind us and the days of Fabergé and Farrah Fawcett sprays are only a memory. So while hair department on the set of Stranger Things had to modernize their approach to perfecting Steve’s ’80s look, the head of hair they worked with was all Joe Keery.

Unlike a few of his costars, who required wigs and extensions to turn their hair back a few decades, Steve’s luscious locks were all Keery’s.

So how does Keery get that perfect head of hair? The actor, who plays everyone’s favorite babysitter on the series, revealed in an interview with Good Mythical Morning, he takes a more DIY approach in getting his hair in formation.


"Just getting up in the morning, having the windows down if you drive, not washing your hair as much as you'd think," Keery revealed.

When pressed by hosts Rhett and Link about how often he washes his hair, guessing he washed his hair every three days, Keery admitted that he does in fact, go about three days without washing his hair, adding, “You just gotta extend the shelf life, do you know what I mean?”

So there you have it, friends. The key to getting the best hair on Netflix and real life is washing your hair every few days. It’s a Joe Keery tested and approved method.

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