Joe Keery is threatening to shave his head if David Harbour wins a Golden Globe

At one point or another, we’ve all played “Would You Rather.” Sometimes the choices are so horrifying, it’s nearly impossible to choose. Well, dear readers, take a moment to collect yourselves. We’ve found the hardest “Would You Rather” yet: Would you rather see David Harbour win a Golden Globe and Joe Keery shave his head in celebration? OR, would you prefer that David Harbour loses out so that Joe Keery’s beautiful locks remain intact?

Now, we aren’t just asking this as a hypothetical.

No, no, no, this is a very real thing that could happen! Yesterday, Harbour was nominated for a Golden Globe in the Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television category for his role as Chief Hopper in Stranger Things. It’s his first Golden Globe nom and it’s so well deserved, if you ask us.

Following the nom, Harbour took to Instagram to express his gratitude. “I tip my hat to you @goldenglobes for the nomination,” he wrote. “My Christmas present came early this year. You got me feeling all the holiday feels??” Aww, how sweet! We’re so happy for him! As were a whole bunch of his fans, who took to the comments.

One commenter stood out in particular: None other than Steve Harrington himself, Joe Keery.

As Refinery29 took note, Keery — AKA @uncle_jezzy — wrote in response: “If you win David the Duffer’s get to shave my head.”


Okay, there’s so much to unpack here. Like, first, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the support Harbour is receiving from Keery. And no disrespect to the other nominees —Alfred Molina, Alexander Skarsgard, David Thewlis, Christian Slater — but we would be so excited if Harbour won!

That said…we would be so devastated if we lost Keery’s locks. Not only because he rocks them like his life depends on it, but also because they’ve become synonymous with his on-screen counterpart, Steve, and a constant source of humor on Stranger Things. Matt and Ross Duffer, hope you’re reading this, because IT’S UP TO YOU TO SAVE STEVE’S HAIR, SO PLEASE SAVE STEVE’S HAIR.

Like, if Keery really wants to do this to show his support for Harbour, we’ll support him and, more than that, we’ll be happy for both of them. And hell, this could bring another element to the Netflix hit: Who is Steve without his hair? (Or, you know, wigs are always an option.)

But until then, we’re holding out hope that he’s kidding.