Joe Jonas Surprised a Jonas Brothers vs. One Direction-Themed SoulCycle Class

We're beyond jealous.

How does Joe Jonas like to spend his days off? Well, if you live in Atlanta and found yourself at a 3:45 p.m. SoulCycle class on Saturday, June 12th, then you already know the answer. Trying to find the nearest available workout studio to get a quick sweat sesh in, the “Sucker” singer stumbled upon a Jonas Brothers vs. One Direction-themed SoulCycle class. Obviously, he had to crash the party.

The class was already at full capacity so Jonas wasn’t able to ride along, but he did show up to the studio asking if he could surprise the spinners and SoulCycle instructor midway through the class. “I was wondering who was winning the Jonas Brothers vs. One Direction class?” he teased. 

Jonas documented the whole thing on video and later shared it to Instagram, writing, When you’ve got an off day in Atlanta… why wouldn’t you drop-in for a @JonasBrothers vs. @OneDirection class at @soulcycle?? Let’s get it! 

The SoulCycle instructor at first had no idea as to what was going on except that someone was walking into her darkly lit studio mid-workout. It wasn’t until Jonas removed his mask and started dancing that it dawned on her who exactly the mystery stranger was. “Holy shit! Wait, is this for real?” she stammered into the mic. “Joe Jonas, everybody! We’re real right now. This is live.”

After the shock wore off, the instructor allowed Jonas to hop on her bike and lead the class for a little. Working out on a Saturday afternoon never looked so fun!! Oh, and, One Direction—we think the Jonas Brothers won this round. 

Emily Weaver
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