Joe Jonas helped Jimmy Fallon model underwear, because he’s just that kind of guy

Fans of the Jonas Brothers definitely don’t want to miss this! Last night on The Tonight Show, Joe Jonas helped Jimmy Fallon model underwear, and while it was over the clothes he was already wearing, it was still pretty fantastic.

Of course, this fun bit wasn’t just due to a love of briefs. Aside from his musical career, Jonas is a model for Guess — or, as he’s officially known, the first male global ambassador for the brand.

When Fallon brought out the advertisements, fans went wild. Jonas, on the other hand, started questioning his own poses — since hey, models have a right to critique their own performance.


Then, the world got a little brighter, as he decided to teach a few of his key moves to Fallon. Watch below, and enjoy every second.

It should go without saying, but Fallon definitely has the right furniture for the job.


As for Jonas, he’s simply a natural at recreating each pose. It’s no wonder why he was chosen to represent the brand.

Jonas has been busy touring with his band DNCE. Tonight they’re set to play a show in New Jersey, and they’ve got a bunch of shows booked this month in New York State. Whether or not Jonas will bust out some of his signature Guess moves on stage is still unclear, but we’re sure he’ll definitely have a few incredibly photographic moments while he’s up there.

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