Joe Jonas explained the inspiration behind his Sophie Turner look-alike tattoo, and tbh, we’re disappointed

When Joe Jonas got a tattoo on his arm of a mysterious woman in March 2017, we wondered if the new ink was meant to represent the lady in his life, his fiancée Sophie Turner. The delicate tattoo outlines the shape of a naked woman, and she looks a bit like Sansa Stark. It would make sense for Jonas to cap off their engagement with a tattoo of Turner. Unfortunately, it’s not a tribute to his future wife at all — it’s just a random woman!

“There’s a lot of speculation of who or what it is,” Joe told TheFix. “It’s quite funny and a little disappointing probably for a lot of fans of my fiancée that it’s really just a picture of nothing.”

It’s just a picture of nothing?? So why’d you get it then, Jonas?

"The artist that I got tattooed by [Curt Montgomery] is a friend and did this amazing drawing, Joe explained. “He had it sketched up, and I was like, oh that’s cool. I’ll pick that. So, there’s not anybody that I’d say it is, but eventually I’ll come up with a name for her. For now, she’s a mystery.

Here’s the ink in question:

Turner actually has a matching tattoo on her thigh, though hers is just the silhouette of what we think is the same woman’s head.

*Caution: The following pic is a bit NSFW.*

The couple got the tattoos by the same artist, so we all assumed they were both meant to represent Turner and the couple’s love for each other. Sadly, we guess the lady on Turner’s thigh is just a random woman too.

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