Joe Jonas admitted that sometimes he and Nick are into the same girl, but here’s why it’s never a problem

Without a doubt, one of our fave sets of celebrity brothers are the Jonases. Incredibly handsome people who also sing like angels? Sign us up forever! We also like hearing about their personal lives, specifically anything dating-related because, ummmm, DUH!

And lucky for us Joe Jonas shared some, well, sex and dating stories with Cosmo, and admitted something kinda awkward about him and younger brother Nick.

It’s also really cute. And if you’ve ever been in a situation where you and your sibling or friend have a crush on the same person, you’ll probably relate to the agonizing frustration.

"Nick and I have been into the same girl. We’re best friends with similar tastes, so it’s inevitable."

And what do they do when that happens? Physically battle it out with an arm wrestle? Flip a coin? Randomly pick? Don’t worry, there’s a system. It’s all figured out.

"In those situations, we have a bro code: Whoever spent more time with her gets to give it a shot. And ultimately, she decides," he said in the interview (also, yeah, um, we'd HOPE she'd decide who she dated. Just sayin' guys).

This is pretty adorable, and right now we’re preparing a mental picture in our minds of what this bro-code situation would look like. And of course, both Joe and Nick come off as totally swoon-worthy gentlemen.

There are still rumors buzzing around about Joe Jonas being in a relationship with Sophie Turner, so maybe he won’t have to apply the bro code anymore (though of course…we will always kind of selfishly hope he’s still single. Le sigh).

Seriously though…we love the respect they have for each other, because like Joe said, they’re best friends as well as brothers. Our hearts are fluttering like crazy right now.

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