Joe Jonas covered Adele’s “Hello”…as a clown

Joe Jonas has a new band and no, before you get excited, the Jonas Brothers haven’t gotten back together. The band is called DNCE, and Jonas is joined by Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle, and JinJoo. While their first song “Cake by the Ocean” debuted at #79 on the charts, their most recent cover is what has everybody talking. A rock cover of Adele is buzz-worthy enough, but wait until you see what they’re wearing in the video.

Warning: you’re not having a weird nightmare, that really is Joe Jonas dressed as a sad clown very sincerely singing a cover of “Hello.” The video was released on Halloween, and is absolutely hilarious (and the cover is actually quite beautiful). I don’t know what’s better: the outfits or the falsetto. While Jonas does flawlessly hit some of Adele’s difficult notes, this video was much more about the spooky celebration—and it definitely got people talking about an otherwise under-the-radar band.

After the release of the video, Jonas continued the fun over on Instagram:

After this stunt, we can’t wait to see what’s next for the band. A circus cover of Sia, perhaps?

(Image via YouTube)

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