Joe Biden found two quarters and we’ve never seen anyone so excited about free money

The world of professional psychology better listen up because there is a whole new level of happiness, and it is called “Joe Biden-finding-two-quarters-on-the-ground” style happiness. The country’s Vice President was recently in Burlington, Vermont to speak about cancer research when he serendipitously stumbled upon his glorious find.

We’ve never seen someone get so extremely excited over what feels like such a normal thing.

It happened in the way it does for so many of us — leaving a restaurant, watching your step on the way out and then you see it. There’s some slightly rusted loose change sitting on the pavement, just waiting to be picked up. And everything in the world gets a little better in that moment.

While fifty cents will make absolutely no impact on the larger issues Biden constantly deals with in his position, it’s nice to see that such a small denomination can have such a great effect on his mental health.

We have no idea how he’ll spend it, of course. There are so many possibilities with two whole quarters! Maybe he’ll buy a banana at the bodega or get charitable and pay someone’s meter. Based on his delighted reaction, the world is his oyster right now and literally anything is possible.

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