Joe Biden might run for president in 2020, and no, it’s not a bunch of malarkey

Given that 2018 just started, the 2020 presidential election still feels like it’s ages away. But for many politicians, the campaign is looming closer and closer, and in the next few months, presidential hopefuls are likely to announce their intentions to run. And among the list of potential candidates could be one of our favorites, former Vice President Joe Biden.

In a development meeting for his new international diplomacy center, Biden hinted that he might run for president in 2020, saying that he hadn’t ruled the possibility out. He also reportedly told aides who attended the meeting that he would consider offering them positions on his team. But Biden maintained that he hadn’t made up his mind just yet, so it’s possible he’ll decide not to run.

Biden was on the fence about running for president in 2016, and he ultimately decided not to because of the recent death of his son, Beau Biden. But the politician has repeatedly teased that he might join the race in 2020. On The Viewin December, Biden said that he didn’t currently have plans to run in 2020, but that if he later felt ready, he would consider it.

"If, in a year from now, if we're ready and no one has moved in that I think can do it, then I very well may do it," he said.

Despite the fact that Biden, who is currently 75, would be the oldest president of all time, many feel that he would be a strong contender against President Donald Trump. In January, White House officials told Politico that Biden’s ability to connect with white working-class Americans make him a Democrat that Trump would fear in 2020.

We’d love to see Biden run for president in 2020, but we’d also be excited to see some fresh faces in the political arena. We’ll stand by Biden no matter what he decides, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a President Joe Biden in the future.

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