Joe Biden is getting his own ice cream flavor, and it’s about time

The former Vice President is set to have the best summer ever. As Cosmo reports, Joe Biden is getting his own ice cream flavor, thanks to the thoughtful folks over at Cornell University. On May 27th, Biden will deliver his alma mater’s convocation speech and be presented with a dessert named in his honor.

Sure, Biden shed tears over being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, but his response to that surprise gesture was all coy as if to say, “No, I couldn’t. This is all too much.” However, it’s no secret how Biden feels about his ice cream, so we just know he’s somewhere declaring “It’s about damn time,” while proudly toasting to his newfound unofficial status as #boss of the summer season.

That, or he’s somewhere, ya know…eating ice cream.

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So, what flavor suits Biden? Cornell Dairy staff members have decided on chocolate chip, but there’s still the matter of coming up with a name. Students are currently submitting ideas to be voted upon, and so far there are five suggestions leading the pack: Bits n’ Biden; Biden’s Chocolate Bites; Big Red, White & Biden; Not Your Average Joe’s Chocolate Chip; and Uncle Joe’s Chocolate Chip.

Ugh, that’s gonna be a tough call! But one thing’s for sure: No one deserves this more than Biden. He’s been a faithful, unapologetic consumer who’s clearly paid his dues in pints. Plus with Ben & Jerry’s honoring Bob Marley with an ice cream, this just increased the number of yummy, exciting flavors we can’t wait to sample by one.

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